Renowned airline strategist Nawal Taneja joins Odyssey advisory team

27 November 2020

Nawal Taneja has over 50 years of experience in the airline industry sector, having worked for and advised major airlines and related businesses worldwide. His experience also includes the presidency of a small airline that provided schedule and charter service with jet aircraft and the presidency of a research organization that provided consulting services to the air transportation community throughout the world.

Within the academic community, he has served on the Faculties at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (as an Associate Professor) and at the Ohio State University (Professor and later as Chair of both the Department of Aviation and the Department of Aerospace Engineering).

In the public sector, he has advised worldwide Government Departments of Civil Aviation, Finance, Economics, and Tourism in matters relating to the role of government-owned airlines and their management. He continues to advise senior executives in airlines and related businesses as well as senior government policy makers on a variety of aviation subjects.

As a business author, he has written, at the encouragement of, and for practitioners, twelve books on the airline industry, with a thirteenth soon to be published.

Nawal, a strong advocate of the Odyssey business proposition, will play an active role in supporting the airline management team through their fund raising and launch efforts.